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Pass MOT Testing First Time at our Oxford Garage

As some of our customers in Oxford are aware, vehicles don’t always pass MOTs first time round. Reasons for failure can include something minor like a cracked wing mirror, worn tyres or excessive emissions from your exhaust. When you use MOT garages like our own for your annual MOT testing, a bit of preparation can improve the chances of getting through the inspection first time and will help you avoid picking up repair bills at the end.


By carrying out the following checks, Oxford motorists can save money and, hopefully, pass MOTs at the first attempt:


  • Check the number plate and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) against your vehicle’s V5C Registration Certificate, which you might better know as your logbook. You’ll be surprised how many MOT garages in and around the Oxford area come across minor discrepancies with plates and VINs

  • Check your headlights, rear lights, fog lamps, brake lights and indicators to make sure they’re working correctly. Changing bulbs is a simple enough job and will help road users in Oxford to pass MOTs first time round

  • MOT garages in Oxford will always check the safety of your brakes. Make sure that your pedal isn’t spongy or soft, and be sure to have pads changed if they are making squealing or grinding noises when slowing and stopping

  • Check the depth of tread on your tyres. The legal minimum tread is 1.6mm but if your tyres are below that, give us a call. Our garage in Cowley, Oxford, has a wide selection of tyres in stock. We can change worn tyres before MOT testing

  • If windscreen wipers are worn or shredded, these are easily replaceable. It’s also easy to keep screenwash topped up, which preserves the lifespan of wiper blades. Our inspectors check the condition of wiper blades during MOT testing

  • If seatbelts are not working, your vehicle can fail MOTs. Test your seatbelts in advance of MOT testing at our Oxford workshop to ensure they’re operational



Further checks we recommend is to make sure the petrol cap isn’t worn, all mirrors are useable and without cracks, the horn sounds correct, the hazards lights work with the ignition on and off and that the vehicle isn’t emitting soot or excess smoke. By taking more responsibility for your vehicle ahead of MOT testing at our garage in Oxford, you’ll be able to save money on potential repair costs that could be easily avoided.

Call Marsh Road Motors now to book an appointment for MOT testing or to buy new tyres. We are based in Cowley, Oxford, and we are open 6 days a week.